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We will deliver a little Japanese to your life.

In addition to fusuma paper processing, Karagen manufactures and sells small items such as postcards, mini folding screens, frames, and red stamp books, and delivers easy [Japanese] to everyone's lives.

水 雲母摺り

I am good at making various patterns using woodblocks, paper patterns, and brushes. We also manufacture popular fusuma sliding doors.

Techniques that have continued since the Edo period

We have been making Karakami since the Edo period.
It is said that the envoy to Tang brought back Karakami from China during the Heian period.
The desire to continue to protect Karakami remains unchanged.

蔦 グレー

Easy to use Karakami

Currently, Karagami is generally used as a sliding door. However, I want you to enjoy it more easily. With that in mind, we manufacture and sell postcards, mini folding screens, small boxes, red stamp books, and other items that you can easily enjoy. It is expensive when viewed from mass-produced products, but if you pick it up, you can feel the handmade texture and the thoughts of the craftsmen who made it. It is such a product. Please pick it up.

からかみ襖 商品群