History of Karagen

It started with Shichigoro Koizumi, the first Karashichi, a Karagami shop founded in Nihonbashi-dori 3-chome during the Kaei era. Genjiro Koizumi, the founder of Karagen, was born in Nihonbashi as the eldest daughter of Shichigoro and the eldest son of Husband. My father Jiro had already died when Genjiro was born, so I was brought up by my grandfather Shichigoro.

Genjiro became independent in 1890 and founded Karagen in Nihonbashi, and moved to Yushima in 1945. Genjiro died in 1938, and his eldest son, Satoshi Koizumi, has been active as a Karagen. It was incorporated in 1965 and became Koizumi Fusuma Paper Processing Co., Ltd.
Satoshi Koizumi died in 2013, and Yukio Koizumi, the eldest son, succeeded Koizumi Fusuma Paper Processing Co., Ltd. and moved to Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture in 2016. I am.
On September 1, 2021, the company name was changed to Karagen inc.the original name of the company.

Karashishi Yukio Koizumi



As the demand for fusuma decreases, the number of Karagami craftsmen is decreasing. As my two sons grew up to be full-fledged, I thought about making small items using the technique of making Karagami in order to inherit the technique.
For example, Mr. Armor has inherited the technique by making a miniature May doll so that it can be converted to real Karagami at any time. We would like to emulate it and pass on this traditional technique of Karagami to posterity through the production of small items.


  • 2000 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry certified traditional craftsman
  • 2002 Tokyo certified traditional craftsman
  • 2002 Bunkyo Ward Skill Master
  • 2013 Tokyo Meister certification
  • 2017 nationally selected preservation skill holder certification
  • 2021 Order of the Rising Sun
  • 2020 Yashio City Excellent Engineer / Skilled Person


  • Hamarikyu [Matsu no Chaya]
  • Nagasaki Prefecture [Dejima]
  • Tawaraya Sotatsu [Wind God and Thunder God Folding Screen]
  • Uesugi Kenshin Museum [Rakuchu Rakugai Folding Screen]
  • Toyama Prefecture [Shokoji Temple]


Order of the Rising Sun

旭日双光章 小泉幸雄

Conservation Techniques Holder Karagami Production

選定保存技術保持者 認定書 小泉幸雄